Bridal Makeup Services in Coimbatore



Makeup is malleable and mercurial: The biggest joy I have every day is the opportunity to create, to play, and to invent with something I've loved forever. – Pat McGrath

The QT5 Glenys is a youthful brand for the refined customer that is after International involvement in remarkable ability that is on a ceaseless excursion to refine and create their aptitudes. We are a brand that doesn't simply do what you state, we are a brand and group that will give you what you need through training.

There comes whenever development and opportunity meet, we have needed to take a gander at the brand and advance it to have the option to keep up our interface with the crowd. The Beauty Industry is developing so quickly in India and with our development plans, we need to guarantee that the brand represents more than a certain something or dependent on one individual. We need to guarantee we are setting up a Team of capable individuals that will have similar chances to succeed and prosper in the Industry here in India. We have contributed and will keep on contributing a lot of time and cash into preparing our kin as we accept that is with the perfect individuals the sky is the limit.

We have an unmistakable arrangement, definite and brief that will be executed with accuracy and artfulness throughout the following 3-5 years with master nitty gritty preparing being our essential focus. With an exceptionally solid data structure set up that supports such development, we will just increase when all key territories of our business are sufficiently adjusted.

As pioneers in the Beauty Industry, we will guarantee that the aptitudes and advancement develop and advance to give our group a stage like no other, this will significantly increase the value of the Industry just as the individual colleague in which we are amped up for.

We accept that greatness comes through initiative, direction and preparation, we will likely have a smile in each customer's face when they leave our salon premises. We are a salon chain that has a differing administration offering, which incorporates Threading and Bleaching, Waxing, Hair Arrangements, Facial magnificence, Manicure, Pedicure, Body Polishing Treatment, Nail administrations and Bridal services.


QT5 Glenys is the best beauty parlor in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. It is one of the most sorted out and client-driven salon chains in India. Our important objective is to provide top-notch hair and skin care and magnificence service in a situation that energizes development, straightforwardness and trust. We create and keep up our group's capacity consistently to guarantee that we are at par in this business.


A name or brand implies various things to various individuals, anyway the brand QT5 Glenys for me implies reestablish, revival, and waking up with a new methodology and that is actually what we are about. It is the new breeze after a long drought, it is sentimental, hot, vivid, and fun. We approach things with vitality and energy and sponsored up with the help and global experience to guarantee that QT5 Glenys is the pioneer in the Indian market yet besides respected globally with abilities tantamount to any top Salon.


Our principles of administration are first-rate, and we utilize just great items for all the services we provide. On the off chance that you are searching for proficient care for hair & skin care and magnificence services, you don't have to look any further. With one of the most present-day modern salons in Coimbatore, we have consistently taken a gander at the most recent patterns and follow what's in style, hence, conveying the best administrations to you.