Best Beauty Parlour in Coimbatore for Bridal Makeup

Every bride dreams to look very special on the big day of their life that is on their Wedding. We at QT5 Glenys provide bridal makeup service in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu to create an excellent Dream come True makeover on their wedding as we know that it is a lifetime event for every women. Our broad scope of administrations incorporates Female Hair care, Threading and Bleaching, Waxing, Hair Arrangements, Facial magnificence, Manicure, Pedicure, Body Polishing Treatment, Nail administrations and Bridal services.

You'll get all the various and best female salon experiences under one rooftop. Our services for female incorporate face waxing, body waxing, stringing, alongside facials and clean-ups.

Check us out, and we guarantee you that you will be baffled.

Experience proficient hair-care as probably the best in the business give you the bleeding edge method in this field. Venture into a universe of makeovers as our abled specialists utilize the best excellence items to change you into a current diva. Is the contamination making your face dull? No compelling reason to stress. Our magnificence experts will work their appeal and make them look new as the morning sun.


Hair doesn't make the lady, yet great hair certainly makes a difference.

Hair has consistently been a significant piece of excellence and everybody wants wonderful hair. It is one of the primary things that anybody sees about your appearance when you meet somebody. A decent hairdo gives another life to your general appearance. That is the reason everybody invests in heaps of amounts of energy to keep their hair in great condition. We at QT5 Glenys the best salon boutique chain in Coimbatore, are devoted to giving your hair another, a la mode, and an enthusiastic look that makes your hair look just the best. Your hairdo is an augmentation of your magnificence and we at QT5 Glenys invest heavily in making your hair wonderful and solid.

Our particular hairdressing strategies are most appropriate for the Indian hair texture. Keeping up with the most popular trend patterns, we at QT5 Glenys additionally give customized hair care exhortation. We have specialists with a broader experience with hair-styling and skin care.


Cut and Styling


Each individual's style is as one of a kind as her character, and we at QT5 Glenys are centered around...


Highlights and Colors


Shading is a significant part of the style, which can change and renew one's general look and appearance...


Hair Spa


A treatment for hair re-development, hair spa is an answer for some issues identified with hair. It isn't just...


Excellence is tied in beauty with improving what you have. Let yourself radiate through

Cosmetics is an essential piece of magnificence, uniquely for young ladies. We at QT5 Glenys know its significance and in this manner get the best. What makes us distinctive for the others is our capacity to comprehend what ladies need — to look and feel better. We realize very well what takes a shot at models for the runways must be deciphered or gotten down to business diversely for the ordinary lady – be it a housewife or office-goer.

A group team has been was picked to do the hair and cosmetics for the different models strolling the incline in India's most renowned design occasions like the India Fashion Week, India Runway Week, and so on. We have been conveying as well as can be expected the proposal to the models on a continuous premise. Furthermore, we have likewise been in charge of different honors since our beginning.

Continually enhancing, our cosmetics beauticians goes past standard patterns and strategies to offer everyone something interesting and exceptional. Our ability in the field of cosmetics and magnificence has been at the cutting edge of making probably the best looks in the design business.

Our group of expert beauticians has worked with a ton of style fashioners too for their photograph shoots, cosmetics and styling for Brand Events, Corporate Wellness, and so on. Our expert beauticians at QT5 Glenys are knowledgeable on working in a tight cutoff time as shows like the Hunt for the Calendar Girl or doing a photoshoot for a magazine like Vogue or Estetica requires fast usage of a new look and another style.

QT5 Glenys encourages you to find different parts of your excellence. We can glitz you and simultaneously make you look the most intelligent for a formal occasion. We work to make you rich, hot, excellent, and observable. We know how significant your look is, thus we take each care to prepare you till you resemble a million bucks. Furthermore, remember, we are the person who gives you a completely flawless second...


Light Makeup


To carry on with your life to the fullest consistently, you have to feel lovely. Be that as it may, you need...


Event Makeup


India is where each event is praised with satisfaction and sentiment of harmony. Be it the event of a marriage, ...


Marriage Makeup, Hair-do and Saree Draping


A pre-marriage skincare system makes certain to carry a gleam to your skin ...




In the present current reality where there is such a great amount of contamination around, our body, ...




It cleans, peels, and feeds the skin, yet additionally makes the appearance all around hydrated to make the ...


Hand and Feet


Nail trim has become a pattern in the current occasions. The lady of the hour's hands will be a lot of obvious ...


Body Wax


If you are the person who can process a little distress, waxing merits the exertion. Presumably, ...




Fading is commonly utilized by individuals to help up their skin that has been influenced by ...




Undesirable facial hair development can be very irksome. An old strategy for hair evacuation, ...


Body Polish


A solid body has a sound cerebrum. So there are different approaches to spoil your body for that ...


1) Radiant treatment

QT5 Glenys offer radiant treatment to achieve skin whitening from damaged skin. Our radiant treatment helps your skin in nurturing and giving it a new glow. People with matured skin, uneven skin tone or wrinkled skin can undergo this treatment to enhance the look of your skin. Radiant skin care treatment is also suitable for individuals having irritated skin. This non-surgical procedure eases any irritation and renews the appearance and feel of your skin.


Our customers could get many benefits from using our improved radiant treatment for their skincare. This treatment deeply hydrates dry skin with nutrients and essential enzymes. By pro-actively rejuvenating the skin it improves the skin texture to great extent. In today's world due to excess stress and work pressure, people at a young age could see wrinkles forming in their skin. The radiant treatment effectively improves your skin and reduces wrinkles that had been developed before.

2) Vitamin C treatment

In order to give you a whitening skin by eliminating pigments and a dull complexion that has been developed QT5 Glenys uses the highly successful Vitamin C treatment. Due to the excess of melanin production from sun damage, your skin can have dark patches. These deep pigments can be removed by our Vitamin C treatment and give you an even tone skin. The other common issue that can be seen is dull complexion. A complication that gives a dull skin tone as a result of excess dead skin formed on the outer surface of your skin. The Vitamin C treatment also helps in bringing back your original skin tone by effectively removing the dead skins formed.


Vitamin C treatment is a great skincare procedure as it is highly beneficial for individuals who travel a lot. It reduces the sign of pigmentation deep from your skin. This treatment acts as a shield by protecting your skin from sun damage. By removing the dead skin cells and excess melanin it brightens your skin and gives an even skin tone.

3) Bamboo Charcoal Treatments

Bamboo Charcoal is a more natural method of skincare treatment performed on acne-prone skin to give a bright and even skin. Bamboo Charcoal treatment is a revolutionary method introduced to eliminate impurities deep from the pores. A powdered mixture of bamboo and charcoal is injected as steam over acne skin. In a unique way, the bamboo charcoal adsorbs impurities like whiteheads and blackheads from clogged pores. This process eventually reduces dark spots from your skin. It also eliminates excess oil formed on the oily skin by adsorbing.


The treatment of Bamboo Charcoal has more benefits with regard to the wellbeing of your skin’s health. This natural treatment improves the health of acne-prone skin. The blend of bamboo charcoal pulls the impurities and purifies clogged pores. It acts against microbial on the skin by effectively being as an anti-bacterial agent. It also removes excess oiliness and impurities to balance skin tone. The commonly found blackheads and whiteheads are also removed through this treatment deep from the skin. By doing this it fades the brown spots and evens the skin complexion.

4) 7 Unique treatment for skin whitening:

QT5 Glenys offers 7 Unique treatment for skin whitening and they are as follows • Skin tan
• Acne and pimple
• Melasma
• Wrinkles and sagging
• Deep pigmentation
• Dull complexion
• Matured skin


The benefits offered by our 7 Unique treatment are that the skin tan helps against sun damage and re-tans your skin. Often clogged pores can be formed due to impurities and our unique whitening treatment purifies clogged pores. Melasma creates uneven dark patches on your skin, but by undergoing this procedure it fades melasma and improves skin tone. This treatment also successfully removes wrinkles that had previously formed due to stress. By treating against dark patches sign of pigmentation is reduced and helps to brighten and even the skin tone. Matured skin is pro-actively nurtured through this treatment in order to rejuvenate the skin.