Keratin Treatment

Smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair is the one that everyone wants for them and this can be achieved by keratin treatment. QT5 Glenys located at Sivanandha colony, Coimbatore specializes in giving you the best keratin treatment. Kerafusion Keratin Treatment stands for long-term(as per guidelines). Humid weather and harsh heat turn smooth hair into a dream that remains as one. In such conditions, you are being introduced to a transforming best hair care treatment called Keratin Treatment. Often people would search for questions on the internet for the best keratin treatment near me and you could find the most satisfying answer with QT5 Glenys. Asides from this you can get services from us such as hair straightening, hair smoothing to enhance the condition of your hair.

But first, let's look into what keratin in a clear way.

What is meant by Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that makes up over 90% of your hair while the rest are moisture and minerals. Keratin acts as a protein in the core of the hair that forms the structure and lends strength. The keratin treatment cost is also affordable in QT5 Glenys. Factors like harsh weather or chemical treatments drain hair of keratin. Porous spots in hair structure and hair damage develops due to the loss of keratin

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin therapy or treatments are hair smoothening treatments, during which the hair cuticle is sealed with a coating of a protein. The process involves the application of keratin straightening and keratin smoothing treatment products and sealing that with the heat of a flat-iron. Depending on your hair the process can take from 90 minutes to 3 hours and lasts for more than a couple of months. What the treatment actually does is that it breaks the hair’s bonds & changes its texture, making hair look shiny & smooth.

Does Keratin Treatment make my hair stronger?

Keratin is just a small portion of the treatment. Keratin for hair is very important for its wellbeing but if not done by experts the extreme heat used in keratin treatment can damage your hair. QT5 Glenys is the best in delivering keratin hair smoothing treatment for curly hair and thin hair.